wacom graphic tablet: what, why & how to pick?

1:44 PM

What is a graphic tablet?
A graphic tablet is a pointing tool (input tool), like a mouse. It comes with a stylus which operates only when it's on the graphic tablet. In simple terms: a pen-shaped mouse which moves on a special pad. The pen itself is wireless and battery-free.

A Large size Wacom - Too big.

The difference between a graphic tablet and a mouse.
New Wacom's graphics tablets are cordless, battery-free, and without a trackball. There is no need to clean the pen and no need for unwanted strings. The Wacom tablet is relative to the screen. When the pen is in the center of the board, the cursor is at the center of the screen. The user does not need to look for the cursor and drag it on the screen.

Can I use a graphics tablet together with a standard computer mouse?
Wacom tablets work parallel to a mouse. A Graphic tablet connects to a USB port and does not require disconnecting the mouse.

What can we do with a graphics tablet?
The sensitive pen allows precision, stroke pressure, recognizing tilt and rotation. The pen can perform things the mouse can't.
Apart from being a substitute to the mouse, a graphic tablet can be a use in a number of areas, for example:
  • Photo editing - Using brushes and masks more efficient. 
  • Illustration - Feels much more natural.
  • Handwriting Recognition.
  • Signatures on documents.

Why medium size?
Size preferences differ among users. In general, It's recommended to choose medium size. Designers move to Medium after purchasing Large or Small tablets. A Small tablet is too sensitive to movements. while a Large tablet is less, requiring more arms movements.

Why Wacom?
Yes, there are alternative. But, the Wacom's models are Awesome - Proving themselves in each model.

The meaning of "active area". The active area is the area in which the tablet recognize the pen. For example, if a graphics tablet Medium size, your active area is 223.5 to 139.7 mm.

The meaning of "sensitive pen".
Pressure sensors feel the intensity of the pressure. This feature enables to perform strokes like a real pen, pencil, eraser or a brush. Pressure sensitivity ranges from 512-2048 and controls line thickness, color, transparency, etc.

Review for main models:

Wacom Intuos Draw - entry level.

Wacom Intuos Pro - Common model among professional designers.