The designer's Essential Kit - The 14 items

11:45 AM

Inspiration is not only about learning by watching and imitating. Designers acquire confidence from their workspace & the tools they use.
In order to perform optimally, each of us needs a few essential elements that allow us to feel as designers. It might sound odd, but every designer will sense the different in holding a simple scrapbook and a Moleskine scrapbook. Furthermore, those elements help us to create a stylish image for the eyes of others - the once who wish to see a "Designer".
Well then, Let's start.

1. Headphones.
A good Set with a Microphone is essential to make Calls with clients. Never speak when you hold your phone with your hand - You should speak freely and naturally.

2. Notebook.
Moleskine scrapbooks are for people who appreciate good materials, indeed. However, designers will carry notebooks such as Draplin's Field Notes.

Field Notes Brand: From Seed. See more>>

3. Wide Screen.
If you're working on a laptop, please attached a widescreen and don't work with the laptop screen...

For Example:
Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24.0-Inch Screen LED Monitor

4. Wireless Mouse.
Probably the tool we use the most. Get a wireless and comfortable one.
For example:
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500.

5. Music.
Awesome designers listen to Awesome Music. Try Bon Iver \ For Emma, Forever Ago.

6. Books.
Some Books look boring but carry great info, meanwhile, some books Inspire just by being on the shelf & carry good info.

Here's a short list - Click for the review:

7. Computer.
A Computer is important but it doesn't have to look Awesome. It's a machine that allows us to design smoothly without any need to wait or watch our software crush.
Your machine should have.

  1. Great processor - i5 or i7
  2. SSD Hard disk - Make a huge difference in speed.
  3. Graphic Card - Doesn't have to be the newest.   
  4. Ram - 16 or 8.

8. Cellphone.
Pick a Good Mobile. Make it colorful. Carry your portfolio in it.
The Moto G plus 4gen is a good pick.

9. Pen.
There's no need to get a fancy one, but just don't use a Bic in business meetups. Buy the simplest Parker, and make sure to pick a standout color - Pink, light Green, etc.

10. Wacom.
Check out this post for more details:

Wacom Intuos Draw - entry level.

11. Chair.
Check this post for more details:

Meet the Aeron chair

13. Messenger Bag.
Much more stylish than a backpack. Pass on the backpack.

14. Watch.
The watch, for some reason, is one of the items which set the first impression.
Pick something classic - Look perhaps here >>

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